Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay. Well lifes' been pretty chalk full of interesting, emotional, things that I just can't get away from. I feel bad dumping all my issues onto Jason because I know he has his own issues, in the same areas and if we are both downers, well, you might as well hand us the kool-aid flavored arsinic becasue it aint going to be pretty round these parts.I miss my son so much. I can't wait until he's back. I know it's hard right now but let me tell you what when this whole thing is done. I will be a solid brick wall of a woman. I will know how to love with all I have because one day it will be gone. I will know the sting of a loss and how it feels to cry for weeks on end. And I will do anything in my power to keep that from happenening to anyone else I care about. Also. Thanks to a good friend we are making progress on getting Jasons kids back from his ex bitch face. If I jump around a lot I'm so sorry. my mind is over flowing with random emotions. I have the absolute worst local friends. i am constantly a second choice to them. one of those, god i'm so fucking bored i've already maxed out on fun maybe i'll call brittany and hang out for 15 seconds type friends. and i'm sick of it. If I wasn't someone who needs to have friends i'd say a big fuck you to everyone. But I can't. And I won't. I'll just keep being ignored and smile like a lost puppy wagging their tailes when finally someone comes over for a hot second. Other than that. I am completely content in my relationship. It's boring sometimes. It's hard a lot of the times. But we fit. we fit completely perfectly. I'm annoying and dumb at times, and sometimes he just says things a little too sharp and hurts my feelings but hey, i'm sensative i think i'm going to have to get over that.
 Me, Trinity, Jason, and Mary at Snake River I believe in Twin Falls, ID. Yeah  I look like a nerd it was a warm day of  12 degrees.
 Frozen water falls.
Jeremy, Kaylee, Me and Jason. Thrilling night of beerz, apples to apples, and kids. lol. And I loved every second of it lol.

I guess I should probably get out of my pajamas and do soemthing with myself. I have some bedding that I have to take back because, "it feels like i'm sleeping with a kleenex" grr. Men. I even opted for the straight red instead of pretty and flowers LOL.

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