Saturday, January 21, 2012


I know.

It's been like forever. Well that's life. At least it's mine. Craziness. And I'm almost afraid to say this. But I'm. Happy. There are moments of weakness. Moments of loneliness. But I'm happy. Every time a happy memory of Jason floods my mind, I'm reminded of the shit that I put up with for three years. I'm not claiming innocence here, because of coarse I'm not perfect. But I also didn't kick down a door and beat my own ass. so. I think I kind of win here. As much as I miss Madi, I'm really glad I didn't have to go through all of this 8 months pregnant. Because that would have been fun. Let's start my life over right around the time I'm pushing out a baby, or worse, with a new born baby. I only made it to 32 with Jeremiah so who knows. 
AHH! NO SADNESS!!!! On my flight back to California, I prayed that I would meet someone special. Little did I know but 2 months prior, someone was praying that they would sit next to someone on the airplane that knew sign language. And I met a friend. A really awesome friend. I 'talked' to him for the 2 hour flight back to California. And then wound up meeting up with him a couple times before he moved back to Salt Lake City for college. 
I've just been surrounded by some amazing people and experiences since my trip back home. I struggle, and I cry. But not even as much as I did in Idaho. But I'm still emotional roller coaster Brittany. so. who knows. 
It's late. I don't know what to say really.
I'm just trying to get back into this blogging mess. So more tomorrow.

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